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Where are you located?

  • I am in Castle Rock, Colorado

What flower care do you recommend after the event?

  • Make sure your flowers are in water whenever not being used at the wedding. If not doing a next day drop off, please trim the stems of your flowers and make sure they have fresh water. Keep in a cool area of the house

How quickly do you need my flowers?

  • The sooner the better! 1-3 days for target delivery

Do I get to approve a layout?

  • Yes! I always send a layout for you to review before I start pouring. I only send layouts for blocks and trays, not add-on items. If you have specific flowers in mind for these, let me know!

How long does the whole process take?

  • From receipt of your flowers to completed pictures, it can take up to 5 months depending on your order size and how much extra finishing work is required. However, it's typically much quicker!

What shapes do you recommend for large flowers?

  • If you have large blooms (think peonies, protea, etc.), I recommend getting at least a 9" hexagon. One large peony will take up almost an entire 6" square, so if you want to capture more of your bouquet, it's better to get a bigger block! Also keep in mind hat trays are only about 1.75" deep so large flowers will need to be flattened out for those.

You're booked for my wedding! Can I dry my own flowers?

  • Yes! You can dry your own flowers and have me do the resin portion at a later date. Click HERE to access the instructions.

Can you preserve air dried or faux flowers?

  • Yes! I can work with both of these. I've worked with air dried flowers that are several decades old!

Will my flowers dry the same color?

  • Some flowers will change color more than others. Red roses will dry a darker burgundy and white flowers tend to dry a more ivory color. They are beautiful even if they don't look exactly the same!

Will there be layer lines?

  • Yes, you will see layer lines from the side of your piece. Resin needs to be poured in layers and this is unavoidable.

Are there some flowers that can't be preserved?

  • Succulents cannot be dried in silica. Artificial replacements can be used if needed!

What if I live outside of Colorado?

  • You will need to overnight ship your bouquet to me! Be prepared that this can cost at least $150.

Does resin yellow over time?

  • All resin will eventually amber over time. This is something that you need to accept when choosing resin preservation! I am using what I believe to be the most clear and high quality resin currently available. It does contain UV inhibitors, but it is best to keep your pieces out of direct sunlight and extreme heat to avoid premature ambering. Resin is a polymer that degrades over time and as it degrades it turns more yellow/amber. If you add a black background, this will mask the eventual ambering!

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