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Resin flower preservation

How Does it Work?

1: Get in Touch

Click HERE to fill out my contact form. I will get back with you on availability and answer any questions that you have. I have a small retainer that secures your date, then you’re good to go!

4: Drying and Designing

The flowers need to be dried before going into resin. I’ll pick out the best blooms and dry them in silica gel. Silica preserves the shape and color of the flowers very well, this takes at least 3 weeks.


Once your flowers are dry (or when you are up next in the queue), I will design and send you a layout for your block. I only send layouts for blocks and trays; you’ll just have to trust me on the smaller items! Once you’ve approved your layout, I can get started.

2: Wedding Time!

Today’s the day! Make sure someone gets your flowers in water after the ceremony. Try your best to be gentle with your bouquet, they can really take a beating. If they’re looking a little rough, grab a centerpiece or bridesmaid bouquet so that I can pick out the best ones!

5: Pouring and Finishing

Pouring the resin can take several weeks. Resin needs to be poured in layers to avoid burning your flowers; I take my time to make sure your precious flowers are taken care of!


Once I take them out of the molds, I can do any extra finishing steps that are required. This can include sanding, top coating, polishing, etc. and can also take a week or two!

3: Drop Off

The sooner I can get your flowers, the better. Next day drop offs are awesome, but I can take them within a few days of the wedding. If you aren’t dropping off the next day, make sure you’re swapping out the water in your vase with fresh water. Your final product choices are due at drop off, this is to ensure that I dry enough flowers for what you want. You can always ask later if I’ve dried enough to add on anything extra, but no promises.

6: Pick Up

From start to finish can take up to 6 months (typically much quicker). When everything is ready, I’ll send you some pictures and let you know that they’re ready for pick up or shipment!

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